Case Study: The Health Insurance Industry

The original intent of the 2010 Health Care Bill was to provide a great benefit (reasonable priced, high quality health care) to the majority of Americans.  However, the final Bill failed to provide the intended benefit.

What happened?

Working on behalf of the health insurance industry, certain members of Congress gutted the health care legislation and transformed it into a gift for that industry.  The provisions that would have provided the greatest benefit to the greatest number of Americans were removed.  The legislation was transformed into a gift for the health insurance industry.

How is the health care legislation a gift to the insurance industry?

Every American will be required to buy insurance from a small group of health insurance companies.

What can one call that situation other than a gift to the health insurance industry?

I wish I could convince the United States Congress to mandate that every American must purchase a widget from me or members of my family every year in perpetuum.  My widgets would be exorbitant in price and inferior in quality.  Talk about an amazing deal!

The quality of health care is going to remain steady or erode.  The price for health care is going to rise tremendously.  These are the fruits that the health insurance industry’s hegemony over health care will bring.

Americans are going to receive the health care “widgets” that most of them deserve because they were too lazy, too stupid, or too gullible, to investigate the health care legislation themselves.

The most amazing thing about the con that the insurance companies performed upon America is that they and their minions managed to convince most Americans of the socialistic nature of the health care legislation that was passed.  The health insurance industry instructed their “boys” on the Republican ticket to “run against socialism”.  The Republicans, with the help of the media, won… of course.

The Republicans will, I assure you, “run into too much obstruction” from the Democrats to repeal the legislation.  Of course, the maintenance of the status quo, with the insurance industry receiving the gift of assured sales each year, is the exact state of affairs that the health insurance companies want.

The future of American health care is not going to change.  The health insurance industry has won the game.

Please voice your opinion.

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