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Conspiracy Theory 101

I do not know about you, but I love a good conspiracy theory.  The more far-fetched the theory, the better I love it.  Although a given theory may seem ridiculous on its surface, a truly good conspiracy theory will have a raison d’être and will also have its own internal logic.

The Motivation of Conspirators

The raison d’être of most conspiracy theories is the understanding of the nature of the twin loves of money and of power.  Indeed, these two loves are the motivations for most crime.

Why do some men sell illicit drugs?  It is due to the money that selling these drugs will bring into his possession and to the power that accrues to him over other human beings from both the drugs and the money.

Why do other men risk “insider” trading on Wall Street?  The answer is the same.

Why do some men batter other men at bars or their children and spouses at home?  Usually, it is because they feel powerless in their lives (and because they are worthless human beings).

Why do some men perform incredible acts to gain high elected office?  Typically, the answer is that the election to office will allow them to wield power over their fellow men.

The power of the loves of money and power over the hearts and minds of men are as old as man himself.  The fascination that men and women have with gold is nothing but another example of the power of the love of money.  Gold is the most enduring currency known to men; and man’s love for gold is just as enduring as the precious metal itself.

When one realizes the power of the twin loves, one cannot deny that some men will do anything of which they can conceive, in order to attain more money and greater power.  Most men require a reasonable belief that they can “get away with it” in order to pursue a given course of action.  But other men require no such belief.  These men will attempt anything, and risk everything, in order to gain more money and greater power.

Logic is not Limited to Good Men

Is there any reason to believe that a thought or a plot conceived by a good man would not, almost certainly, also be conceived by a not good man?  Furthermore, is it not just as likely that such a plot would be conceived by someone with both the personal nature and the worldly means to bring that plot to fruition?

If one does not believe the basic truth of this line of reasoning, is he not being conceited in his belief that he is so intelligent that he can conceive a plot that could not be conceived just as readily by someone else?  I am not such a conceited man.  I believe that any theory of which I may conceive, may be conceived by anyone who is attempting to do so.

The Only Question

In the final analysis, one has to arrive at the belief that almost any plot that anyone can conceive, has been conceived by someone with the means and nature to attempt that plot.

Given this understanding, the only question remaining is: was the plot successful?

Of the success of the plots, you must be the judge.  To this role, I implore you both here in my blog and in the forums.

In our forums, I request that you also play the role of author.  Please author your own theories. Make those theories as outlandish and over-arching as you please.  I am curious to see whether anyone can out-conspiracy theory me, in terms of marrying outlandish conjecture with impeccable internal logic.

With these things having been said, let’s get crack(pott)ing…

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